About Megan Gordon-Hall

Life is the thread that runs through my art. – Megan

Megan Gordon-Hall is a lover of nature, life, art and the power to heal. Her affinity for nature stems from her Chesapeake Bay roots, a beautiful part of the world where Megan developed a deep passion for Mother Nature’s own artistic display of light, balance, and texture.

Megan was naturally compelled to use her hands to create: to paint, to draw, to sew, and to quilt. In fact, Megan discovered that she loved the art of collage and piecing shapes together while working on a quilt. Weaving just seemed like a natural fit.

Megan’s process is completely unique. Most of her weaving artwork is inspired by found recycled items, including things like feathers, bottle caps, shells, and even teeth. Find out more about how Megan creates her weavings.

A registered nurse, Megan holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Art Therapy, and a Masters Degree in Art Education. She is also a practicing acupuncturist and an energy healer. As you can imagine, Megan believes that there is a science behind art and nature—an energy that has the power to help people grow, change, and heal.

Megan lives in Annapolis, MD and balances her time between the textile arts, acupuncture, and her unending exploration of creativity as a healing force. She lives with her three teenage daughters, and her beloved pets.