About the Process

Nature. This and that. Wishes. And a bit of magic woven into every weaving.

Sometimes the weaving begins with a walk down a winding wooded path, or along the water on a crisp winter’s day. Sometimes it starts with a mood, or a word, or a color. And sometimes it starts with a found gem: a piece of rubber from a tire; a feather left in a bird’s wake; a shell forgotten by the tide; or a leaf fallen from a mountain laurel’s annual shedding.

Megan carefully weaves together different fibers and yarns, which are largely hand dyed and always inspiring. Everything, including the recycled items, is pieced together on a weaving loom. Depending on the size, a weaving may take up to forty hours. Once the piece is finished, Megan ties off every thread and hand sews the piece onto paper that both complements and completes the work. Finally, the art is framed and ready to inspire.

As you can imagine, each piece is unique. Megan loves collaborating with art buyers and collectors on pieces and collections for the discerning art aficionado. Here, the client might want to incorporate sentimental items, such as a sea glass collection, buttons found in Grandma’s attic, shards of pottery discovered under a beloved maple tree, and even the more macabre: bones or teeth. Whether you have a vision for your weaving artwork, or you want to leave the creativity to Megan, a piece of you will be woven into every work of art.

If you’re interested in having Megan create weavings as unique as your very own DNA, simply drop her a line.